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Search & Replace
(Version 3.1f as of 07/12/03)


- Full text search in Html, Rtf, Pdf, WinWord and Excel files and many other file formats
- Replaces words over many text files in one step
- Saves search results and search parameters in a database



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Frequently Asked Questions

Although I have installed the program pdftotext.exe, some PDF documents cannot be searched. If I open them in the preview window, the program shows only unreadable characters. What shall I do?
There are two possible reasons: First, pdftotext.exe can convert only such PDF documents which are NOT protected by a password. Password protected PDF files are therefore searched and displayed as binary data. Second, many old PDF documents contain LZW compressed text and pictures, which must be decompressed before the search.  In order to do so, pdftotext.exe needs the freeware program gzip.exe, which must be also copied into the installation directory of InfoRapid Search & Replace.

The program always freezes when it searches a certain HTML document. In the previous version 2.1 it worked without any problems.
Since version 3.0, you can choose to use converters in InfoRapid which come from Microsoft and which are installed together with WinWord and the Internet-Explorer. They convert different file formats into the RTF format, which can be searched and previewed by InfoRapid afterwards. These converters have the disadvantage that they are very slow for some files. Especially HTML documents with many links and WinWord files which contain pictures take a long time to be converted. Because of this, InfoRapid uses a cache which stores the converted text files. If a document has been searched before, it could be read directly from the cache and must be converted no longer. The first time when searching is started, it may last a long time. However, the search is very fast afterwards. The cache doesn’t use much space on your hard disk, because it stores only the pure text contents and neither pictures nor formatings. If you want InfoRapid 3.0 to work like version 2.1, then you can switch the external converters off on the register card CONVERTER.

Can I use InfoRapid to replace text in WinWord documents?
No. The text will be replaced physically correct, but WinWord uses a checksum to make sure that the document is not corrupted. The WinWord format has never been published, so InfoRapid cannot adjust the checksum and WinWord fails when opening the modified document.

We would like to install InfoRapid Search & Replace on our network and share the cache file between all users. Is this possible?
Yes. To do so, you have to install InfoRapid Search & Replace on your network and set the value of the tag Cache/FileName in the configuration file seRapid.set to the name and path of the cache file. In addition, you have to set the value of the tag Shared to Yes. From now on, the program checks during its start up, if the network cache file is newer than the local one. If this is true, then it copies the network cache file to a local directory and uses this local copy for further searches. In order to update the shared cache file, you have to install InfoRapid Search & Replace also on the PC of a cache administrator. Its configuration file must refer the same cache file, but the value of the Shared tag must be set to No. From now on, the cache administrator can start a search process over all *.doc, *.xls, *.html, ... files every evening to update the shared cache file on the network. You have to make sure that he closes the program after the search has finished to remove all file locks from the shared cache file. Next morning when the users start InfoRapid Search & Replace, the program updates their local cache files with the one from the network. More detailed instructions can be found in the help file.

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