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(Version 3.1f as of 07/12/03)


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- Full text search in Html, Rtf, Pdf, WinWord and Excel files and many other file formats
- Replaces words over many text files in one step
- Saves search results and search parameters in a database



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The full version doesn't show the first paragraph at the top of the search result view, which is intended to remind commercial users to register. You need the full version, if you want to install or use the program on a commercially used PC. After your order has arrived, we will send you a license document with your personal license number on it. With this license number, you can upgrade the freeware version 3.1 of InfoRapid Search & Replace and the next two updates to the full version. To do so, you just have to enter your license number and your address (the same that you have given in the order form) into the register dialog. The register dialog can be opened with the command REGISTER, which is located in the HELP menu. Future updates can be downloaded from my homepage

If you want to use the program on more than 10 PCs, then you can also buy a site license, which is much cheaper than the same amount of single licenses. Please ask us for further details.

Orders from the United States

People and organizations from the United States can use this order form. Please complete it and send it to:

Winter Laite


(505) 244-1002

9105 Aspen NE


(505) 205-1285

Albuquerque NM 87102-1954




Orders from all other countries

People and organizations from all other countries can use this order form. Please complete it and send it to:

Ingo Straub



- Softwareentwicklung -



Gerokstraße 6


D-71332 Waiblingen



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