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Version 2013d of 7/7/2013


- Creates Knowledge Maps, Org. Charts, Decision Trees & Work Breakdown Structures
- Helps collecting informations
- Creates amazing diagrams with very little user interaction
- Server based Knowledge Managment System




Download InfoRapid KnowledgeMap Demo Version

(Version 2013d, released 7/7/2013, 11.6 MB)

Please click here to download the latest demo version 2013d of InfoRapid KnowledgeMap on your PC.

When the internet is busy it can happen that the installation file isn’t completely transfered during the download. Then the installation program stops with the error message “File size expected=..., size returned=...”. In this case you can also download the program from a second, slower web server. Please click here to start the download from the second web server.

Short Description


Short desciption and introduction into the Program

KnowledgeMap Server


The intelligent knowledge managment system behind InfoRapid KnowledgeMap



One picture is worth a thousand words



Get the latest version of InfoRapid KnowledgeMap Private Edition

Order KnowledgeMap


Explains how to order InfoRapid KnowledgeMap

Contact Us


Our phone number and mailing address

System Requirements:

- Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7
- PC with at least 128 MB RAM, 400 MHz processor and 15 MB free disk space


Start the program IKMSETUP.EXE after you have downloaded it completely to your PC. An assistant will guide you through the whole setup process and explain you all necessary steps.

If you want to uninstall the program later, then you can do this by double-clicking on the item ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in the CONTROL PANEL.

Download the last still available freeware version 2005e of InfoRapid KnowledgeMap Private Edition

Please click here to download the last still available freeware version 2005e of InfoRapid KnowledgeMap Private Edition on your PC.

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