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Screenshots of the Drawing Program


- Creates Knowledge Maps, Org. Charts, Decision Trees & Work Breakdown Structures
- Helps collecting informations
- Creates amazing diagrams with very little user interaction
- Server based Knowledge Managment System



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KnowledgeMap Server


The intelligent knowledge managment system behind InfoRapid KnowledgeMap



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All document windows are divided into two areas. On the left is the list of items. Here you can quickly enter new items or headwords, organizing them hierarchically via drag-and-drop. On the right is the diagram itself. There you can give the individual items or headwords different shapes, colors, fonts and layouts. The program arranges the items automatically, whereby the user can select a different layout method for each diagram level.

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap

You can optionally assign an image to each item in the diagram. During HTML export, these images can be shown in a new browser window in their original size after clicking on the associated item.

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap

The program can be used for all sorts of diagrams - even mind maps, work breakdown structures and business process models are no problem for InfoRapid KnowledgeMap.


You can asign every diagram as many text documents as you want and mark words therein with a colored text marker. The program creates automatically a new diagram item for every marked section in the text and synchronizes the diagram and the text document automatically.


A text summary can be generated from every diagram - either as table or continuous text. The formated text notes, which are associated to diagram items, can be optionally taken over into the text summary. This makes it possible to create a huge text document or book from a mind map.


Screenshots of the KnowledgeMap Server

The KnowledgeMap Server is a web server extended by knowledge management functions. Because of this a standard web browser can be used to navigate through the knowledge map. The following screenshot shows the starting page which consists of a list of all analyzed documents and a search field for the integrated full text search.

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap-Server

Searching the word “information” results in 13 hits, from which the first one is selected in the next step.

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap-Server

Next, the program shows a graphical summary of the document. The program has picked out the most interesting keywords together with an text excerpt and arranged them hierarchically in order to create it.

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap-Server

One click on the button “Similar Documents” shows all documents which handle the same theme.

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap-Server

The first similar document is about Knowledge Management. The next one handles Short-term memory and the third one Knowledge as sort of information. One click on an item navigates to the graphical summary of the selected document.

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